Fibonacci Round

Fibonacci Round

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Liner Notes: 

I took about one minute to write this round... a few more to record it for obvious reasons. A few people seem mystified about the process of writing a round so I'm doing to do a walk through in the forum in a minute and use this as an example.


1, 1, 2, 3, 5
8, 13, 21
34, 55, 89
Fibonacci is fun

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Well, having been a teacher at one point, my first thought is that this would be an excellent and fun teaching tool.
Sounds like you had a good time recording this!
You made me smile!

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Nice round! I enjoyed this for sure, as a person with a degree in mathematics and all...

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Thanks for the forum explanation of how to write a round, it's always been something I've thought about trying but hadn't figured it out. This is a good demonstration and the use of the Fibonacci sequence is fun.

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SUCH A COOL ROUND, loved it. the esoterics and mystics are BAFFLED!

You have *no idea* how much pleasure this gives me. Always great to see someone else flying the maths nerd flag!

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How fun! Catchy and it fits together well. I love your explanation of the algorithm for writing it, too. It breaks my brain a little though that the numbers you're singing aren't the corresponding tones in the scale ("wait she's singing '2 3 5' but the notes are '3 4 5'?")

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The Fibonacci sequence and rounds in one place - just what the world needed!

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I was trying to figure out the challenge/game, and I swear I've read it like three times! lol
Listening to this I'm kinda understanding a little bit, but still not enough to actually make an attempt.
But regardless, this was fun to listen to - those vocals! The concept seems so simple, but my ears hear all these harmonies and vocal intertwinings...and it sounds like so much is going on. But...a good "much"...that sounds really good to the ear!

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This is nice. I guess the beauty of a round is the way it feeds back on itself in a way that enhances the whole rather than destroying it. I've read your tutorial, but I'm pretty naive when it comes to 'songwriting'. I just need to feel my way through things. I wrote a round of sorts, maybe more oval--Air Goes Out