Apocalyptic Cupcake

Apocalyptic Cupcake

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Liner Notes: 

This is part of a morph chain. [@johncrossman] sent me his tune distilled from the first person on the chain and I was number 3 in line. I used about 50% each of lyric and music, moved it up a 1/2 step and added keyboards. I'm in a mad frenzy to get this out to @kahlo2013 so she can get to work on it before I get fired from the chain :0)
I always enjoy the challenge of reformulating and adding my signature to the song. This needs to be mixed and cleaned up,but I'm sending it out plain raw tracks.


Apocalyptic Cupcake-Sonya Heller and John Crossman (c)2019
Dark before the dawn
Under a veil that draws a curtain round my Soul
Still I’m drawn beneath the blanket of the night,
Avoiding wakefulness and all impending doom
I press the snooze alarm
For just 10 minutes more of
sweet oblivion when I

Hear the sirens roar
see the Flashing lights
my eyelids keeping time
half closed I listen
to the tick tock story
I Stumble to the kitchen wondering

(If I've been told, what I don't know)
is it a lie or if it's so (and so)
1 part reason, one part rhyme
I might be leading, I might be blind

Take my morning brew
cup of complacency
Never strong enough
to shut the voices out
Disasters near and far
baked in a crusty pie
of digitized distraction
programmed delayed reaction
I run to
Shut the pantry door
hide all the recipes
recipes of madness
written on the wall
apocalyptic cupcakes
spiked in the batter with
A tablespoon of tears
an ounce of laughter

(If I've been told, what I don't know)
is it a lie or if it's so (and so)
1 part rhyme, 1 part reason
If I’m blind, I might be leading

apocalyptic cupcake
tablespoon of tears

I've been told, what now I know
Which are lies and which are so (and so)
3 parts rhyme, 1 part reason
Now that I’m blind
I find I’m leaving

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Nice vocals, especially the verses with the doubles vocals — that sounds really good. Nice organ work and I like how the song strips down at the end. Very good way to finish it. Great lyrics, too.

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Great song... love your musical approach and strong vocals to convey the message in the words

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I listened before reading which is unusual. I was thinking it had an unusual but good mix of styles sort if felt good unsettled if that makes sense. Made more when i read liner notes. Very good song

Apocalyptic Cupcakes? Ha! Doomsday pastties. That's fun. Smile What a cool groove on this. The organ adds a little extra funkiness to really make pop too. Very cool.

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This is so fun, I was dancing on my seat. I'd love to have a bit of those cupcakes. There's such energy in you deep voice and I love it when you go towards the head mix, it's bomb!

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Trying to figure out what "morph chains" are and listened to another version of this. You've really done a great job with this version! Nicely mixed, by the way, balance-wise and arrangement-wise. Really enjoyed it!

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Wow, this is such a different song to John’s!

As a rough demo it’s fabulous, and I especially like those sections with vocal harmonies!

What a great song, and a fabulous title!