Feeling Like an Alien

Feeling Like an Alien

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Feeling like an alien
This country I don't understand
Feeling like an alien
Here in this nostalgic land

Makes me feel like I don't belong
Seeing people grasping for the past
The thing about history
There's a reason those times didn't last

There is only now
And the future we choose to make

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I think that if you don't feel like an alien on this planet you are not living right hahahaha, I love the melancholy throughout, but with that tinge of hope in the background, a hopeful dirge. Your dreamy ethereal vocals fit perfectly. there Truly is only now, and the future, congrats.

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the heavy bass casts a pall over the country steeped in nostalgia, but as the music lightens in its second half, a bright optimism emerges.

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I like the dark mood of the music and the slightly existential and dystopian lyrics. Those military drums and 60s eerie mellotron sounds add some threat to the equation, the fear of violence and oppression. Well done, I'd say.

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I experienced this music as so comfortably chill and I delighted in the underlying slow pace. Weighty, perhaps, but not ominous. The words definitely reference the growing dystopia we are flirting with lately. No doubt about that. But I could still do deeply centering yoga stretching to this the way I used to with Talking Heads ‘The Overload’. Nice work.

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The (virtual?) strings are lovely.
Strangely uplifting lyrics.
I'm liking your vocal delivery.
Your track is chilly, if you know what I mean, but at the same time there's a lot of warmth here.
If that makes any sense.
Yeah, nice!

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Like the lydian feel of the verses and the phrygian contrast in the bridge. Like the cinematically-operatic dichotomy of the bass & drums. And great singing - could hear a bit of Lennox there if you permit.

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The way you've treated the vocals here, sounds awesomely 80s to me.
Sharp lyrics.
The music here is cool with the arp'd bass pattern, sparse percussion, wide pads, and that organy/stringy synth. Then the choir/vox at the end.
It all comes together and definitely puts me in the time capsule.

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I love the dreaminess of the synth and voice paired with the intensity of the rhythm underneath and the darkness of the lyrics.