Lady Claire

Lady Claire

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Liner Notes: 

I guess this is the second in my short series of folk pastichey songs. The first one (Driftwood) sounds a lot more traditional, I think this is more like a Crosby Stills Nash & Young rip-off.


Lady Claire awakes in her tower
On silken pillows in a perfumed bed
Lady Claire has gold and silver
And a hundred gowns of crimson red
And one girl brushes her hair
And another fastens her lace
And two more draw the ribbons
Tying her tightly into her stays

Lady Claire has a lofty window
A view right over the town to the sea
Lady Claire can look out at the market
She mustn't be caught there but she can see
As one girl weaves through the stalls
And another spends a bright coin
And two more laugh with the traders
Peddling leather and painted toys

Lady Claire eats sweet bread and honey
And passes her days with needlework
Lady Claire mustn't sit in the sunshine
Her pretty white skin would turn too dark
And one girl watches her sleep
And another watches her play
And two more watch the cage door
So the pretty bird doesn't slip away

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You paint a very vivid in this song, filled with colors of yearnings and distant sorrows, hues of the desire for freedom, glimmer of sadness and woe unending. It is very dreamy and allows us a window into Lady Claire's inner world, where it seems she has everything but she's a prisoner. It's very beautiful, haunting and weirdly relatable. Congratulations. Your voice is wonderful and is the strong brush for those colors on this canvas. I really loved it and it really moved me.

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Love this. Beautiful and touching. Joan Baez & Joni Mitchell-esque. Give rose

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Heartbreaking and eloquent. Such fine details you have included, and you give them so much space to settle into. I ached for her in every scene. Gorgeous picking pattern supporting the melody, and such sensitivity in the pace and dynamics. I hear the jumping off point could be CSNY, but you’ve given it extra mournful and tacitly feminist tones that go well beyond. It’s also that Laura Marling influence I think, and Iove it.

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beautiful song. unlike david crosby, i really believe you are singing about lady claire as lady claire, not joni mitchell as guinivere.

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Looking at the lyrics...very nice opening verse and has an old-time feel so far. Quite visual too. The next section has a bunch of characters and unfolds nicely. Good rhyme scheme too. The last section is also very nice and visual eating bread and honey. Yeah, this is really good...better than anything I can write. I like your style of writing. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Really nice guitar opening...vocals now...good singing and good melody. I can clearly understand the lyrics. Very nice guitar playing. Nice storytelling. I like this kind of music better than what I hear on modern radio stations. Actually, I listen to mostly oldies. This song is so great. Very easy listen. Very good singing! Nice finish. Wow, you are awesome. Thanks for stopping by and I will check out another one tomorrow. I'm pretty backed up with commenting to do right now so see you then. Beautiful song!

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oh yes please really enjoyed this

just listening to the story, with my eyes closed
gave me some great imagery
loved the beautiful melody on this
a wonderful heart felt tale
told wonderfully well

hope you do collabs and one of my lyrics
grabs you enough to sprinkle
some of that magic on

pleasure to listen to

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Very faint echoes of Guinnevere perhaps but not a similar sound or message in the end. I love how you show that she's kept in restraints in the first verse, how she can only watch others who have freedom in the second verse, and then we learn that she's actually a prisoner. Brilliant and your singing is superb!

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This is really pretty. There's something dreamlike about the sound and the picture you paint with your lyrics.

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Wow. I am just blown away. Vivid storytelling, great vocals and guitar!