Makeshift Show

Makeshift Show

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Liner Notes: 

I was at a makeshift show last night (duh) and somebody covered Tom Waits' "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis". I was inspired to write what is basically a diary entry.


Baby it's thirteen hours
Since I woke up in your arms
And it's two days now til I see you again
I'm at this makeshift show
With about three dozen players
Not a one of 'em half as good as you

Stage backdrop has these hand-painted trees
Makes the whole thing feel like a school play
And the feedback on every mic doesn't help

Baby I'm missing you
Like it's been a month or more
Even though we kissed goodbye only this morning
And I'm bored out of my brain
By these mediocre singers
And I'm wishing I was anywhere but here

When suddenly the next one is just utterly sublime
And I stare open-mouthed so everybody stares at me
And when it ends my face is covered with tears

Baby I'm just like you
When I see something I love
My chest explodes and I can't hold it in
I wanted you to be here
In the glory of the moment
But I guess I'll tell you about it in a couple of days

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I love diary entry songs. There is something sublime about these little moments which make this whole music thing worthwhile.

Great singing, tune, etc. Enjoyed this a lot.

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This blows my mind! What an incredible write and that bluesy music and incredible vocals are nothing short of magic!

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More beauty from your wonderful lyric and performance. Absolutely gorgeous. Now I'm hearing Linda Ronstadt. You're all my favorite singers wrapped up into one!

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you kept both the story and the music alive by not settling into a familiar groove, the variations in phrasing had me listening more deeply, as echoes of the hookers christmas card made intermittant viits.

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First, I didn't know what makeshift show was and Googled it. I guess it is like open Mic? It said something about art too...I don't know.

Looking at the lyrics...the first verse makes me wonder where is this person. The second section, nice job describing the scene. Oh no, and you heard me sing...yikes...blushing. A bit of emotion starting to show and I'm sure it relates to a certain person who is not there. Yeah, the final section sums it up nicely. Very good write! I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Cool guitar play better than I do...singing now..sounds good. Good melody and storytelling. I can understand the lyrics very easily. Baby I'm missing you like it's been a month or more...bored out of my Sounds blues. My face is covered with the glory of the moment....tell you about it in a couple of days. Very nice, I like it a lot.

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well this is a stunner

you really have done your homework here
as I read through before my listen
the journey I was on had me captivated
then the listen and that vocal lazily had me
wonderful piece