Warm Winter Room 3

Warm Winter Room 3

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Liner Notes: 

And the final segment (go back 2 posts for the start). A bit of both the heavy starter and the lighter middle in this. Still very simple harmonically and uplifting if not wholly relaxing. Have some more mulled wine!

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Mulled wine ?! It's 23c and the middle of summer lol Orange juice will suffice sir Smile
As always, your talent stuns me. This so so so beautiful. It manages to be both dramatic and gentle at the same time.
Love it Smile

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Ah... I’m such a fan of your piano music... I love the warm feelings this evokes and how you use dynamics and phrasing so effectively. Nice build at 1:39ish and then hownyou back away to a short pause of silence. So effective. Gorgeous!

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Absolutely gorgeous. I'm back in the 19th century and you are playing to a house full of women in beautiful dresses and men in black suits. They are enthralled and so am I. Give rose

Slower, wistful, contemplative, and romantic; this is a beautiful conclusion to the whole piece. Gorgeous. I've really enjoyed the journey that these three pieces have taken me on.

And don't listen to those naysayers claiming it's too hot for mulled wine. It's always time for mulled wine!

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I want to be in the bar where you are playing this off in the corner of the room and I finally hear my date say, "You aren't paying attention! You haven't been listening to a word I said!!" and I look at her blankly and get up and put a ten-dollar bill in your tip jar and then go back and she's gone. So then I go back and get your autograph and we have a chat during your break. Awesome job here!

We’ll done; I am not sure what you meant by modulations, between them. Anyway, it’s a great display of another side of your musicationability.