Warm Winter Room 2

Warm Winter Room 2

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Liner Notes: 

Still relaxing, but a little faster, with a lot of harmonic fiddling. I quite like this!

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Oh my, this was too quick Sad Just relaxing into it, getting those writing juices flowing, and bam, it's gone Sad
This is so beautiful , so relaxing and so ethereal Smile

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I’m glad I listened to it’s partner first as that felt like a winter evening and this feels like the morning ... yes this is faster more energy with the tempo and harmonica. Dramatic and beautiful in a different way.

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Gorgeous work Tim. I enjoyed the progressions - I was also noodling on piano but am stuck in a harmonic rut. Left me wanting more for sure!

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If the other one was fireplace, mulled wine and dog this is where the cookies arrive... and go.

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Well, it's the middle of summer up here in Canada and it still fits the mood.
I'm enjoying your "harmonic fiddling".
Ooh, that was relaxing for sure!
Well done!

I'm thinking that this is the part of the suite where the buzz from the mulled wine has kicked in. Short but sweet; then those last notes hint at a possible darkness to come in the final section. I'm off there now to find out!