Warm Winter Room 1

Warm Winter Room 1

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Liner Notes: 

This and #2 and #3 are three segments of the one piece of music, except I decided not to modulate between the "movements" Perhaps I should? You tell me.

Anyway, I know most of you are sweltering but it's frigid down here. These piano musings are for late nights by the fire sipping mulled wine with the dog asleep in one of the armchairs.

Quiet relaxation.

Music Copyright © 2019 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

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This is so beautiful Tim, and very tranquil. Listened as I started work on new song, earlyish morning. Just the ticket.

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i will try to get to the others! This is a lovely piece. when ive heard them all i can comment on them as a whole Tim. And yup its pretty cool outside here! Fire blazing dogs plural sleeping in arm chairs.

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Okay, I listened backwards and just read your liner notes... I like how you have them organized. This sets the stage well as it feels like you are preparing for the winter cold. Very stoic and steady. The little melodic lift near the end seems like a perfect segway for #2 - I don’t think you need more modulation.

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I can literally feel the picture you painted in the liner notes. Here in Brazil is winter so, it's perfect for the nights we're having

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im freezing too, but with no warm winter room to go to. so the music will have to do. this one is very stately. im going to save the others for tonight, when it is even colder.

I got a Satie vibe from this one as soon as I hit "play". It definitely captures the mood of a slow, cold winter's evening. I can almost hear the crackling of a log fire...

This may be an introduction but it stands on its own; it's your composition, it's what you want it to be! Going to listen to parts two and three right now.