And a Drink or Two (piano/vox)

And a Drink or Two (piano/vox)

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Liner Notes: 

@Aging Ophelia put this sad, forlorn, lonely lyric up and it grabbed me. I've made no lyric change other than the line repeats, not all of which were there in the original. Which you can find (with comments) at

I found the music easy to create and the words hard to set--does that make sense? Mari's lyrics just simply pulled the music into existence but then to sing it, I had to rescore the vocal line because I didn't record what I was saying/singing as I played it in, and then couldn't work it out let alone try to sing it without actual notation...

Then I discovered it had a huge emotional punch and found it very hard to record. Not the first's the sense of loss, and no retrieval possible. just...gone...


And a Drink or Two

Lyrics Copyright © 2019 Mari Kozlowski
Music Copyright © 2019 TJ Fatchen
All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

bill was a man that i
slightly knew
he played guitar and some drums
he made up some songs and we sang them along with some old rock
in bars
for cash and food
for cash and food
cash and food

a singer's dream,
get money
doing what i lived to do
playing songs every week
imperfectly perfect
for cash and food
for cash and food
for cash and food,
and a drink or two

wednesday nights
i sang my head off
to a regular crowd
we were packing them in
we were packing them in
for some tasty cash and food
for cash and food,
for cash and food,
and a drink or two

i said, bill, let's add more originals
oldies won't bring us a crown
then the drinking went long
he stopped playing my songs
for cash and food.

disagreements run cold,
when you play at cross purposes.
no-one says this is killing me
says this is killing me
disagreements run cold
no one says what they think out loud,
no one plans it out loud.
no more cash and food
no more cash and food
cash and food
and a drink or two

cash and food
and a drink or two.

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Beautifully bittersweet - the melody and vocals seem to flow so honestly beautifully and naturally with the piano and lyrics despite the difficulty it was for you. This is a powerfully poignant story that has a sad nostalgic feeling that I suspect many musicians can relate to given all the groups that come and go. And the intensity of those relationships create such unique dynamics. Perfect pairing of music/musician with lyrics.

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i think you set the words wery well and sing them wonderfully. there is a certaain feel here that reminds me of kurt weill, yet your music is nothing like his, . perhaps it is the way you have given a brechtian air to the lyrics. good to hear you singing.

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The piano is beyond perfect. What a great sound you have of it, and such lovely playing. Nice vocal, too. Great collab!

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What a beautiful song. The lyric tells this story with wonderful reflection and honesty. The vocal and piano is compassionately delivered and so touching. I think it's relatable too...looking back after some time at something...well done!

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Well done! I’d just read the lyrics only on the first posting and was quite taken with the lyrics. So cool to hear it set to music. I can hear it in a musical like “Cabaret.” Very poignant.

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The doom and gloom of partnerships, not dreaming the same dream. The sadness is well portrayed in every aspect of it. Good work.

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This song definitely oozes the lonely sadness of a broken partnership. The lyric tells the story well and the piano and vocal both hit it squarely on the head and really carry the emotion to an ever deeper level. Definitely a heart felt rendition/collaboration.