He's Dying For A Drink!

He's Dying For A Drink!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me these lyrics a couple days ago and I said I would do after I finished my Tsunami demo. I'm pretty sure Jimmy was inspired by my heatstroke from early July in writing these lyrics.

Production notes: The usual 4 or 5 hours to make this demo.

Update: This song has been updated to version 2 July 27, 2019


He's Dying For A Drink

He's Dying For A Drink
He never goes in to the kitchen this early
But he was working in the yard he is thirsty
He's Dying For A Drink

He's elbow-deep in the sink
The full of emptiness made him think
To Take down a couple of cups
Then they won't be stuck


He didn't want to pass out from heat stroke
He put the water down his throat
Now everything is going to be better
It makes him want to work harder

It wasn't so easy
When he felt real dizzy
And He's Dying For A Drink
It wasn't so easy
If He's Dying For A Drink

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i like the way you just pick on normal stuff. good drum hit off and in comes the screaming guitar - but only just - are now the guitar is singing - oo slowly more guitar! good build to the blaze out

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new demo I like it. Yeah, I was inspired by your heat stroke in July and your new song "The Yard Work Blues". Your guitar solo is awesome.

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Your production here is really exciting, Jerry. I really like the main hook at the end of the chorus and the delay on it. It makes the listener feel the thirst and dizziness. And that guitar work is excellent.

Jimmy's lyrics are again really inventive and quite relevant these days. The man is caught in a vicious circle when he's thirsty from the work and then the drink makes him want to more even harder. There's no way out!

You two work really well together.

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you find so many ways to be creative within the rock format, which is difficult since it has been mined for over 60 years. your sounds are new while maintaining the integrity of tradition. i love your guitar playing, those lyrics are unique as well, and i can see how they might inspire you.

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Great rock riff and drive to deliver the contagious hook. I can imagine people getting into the groove of this music so easily and hearing the hook singing along making it a pub drinking song without hearing the lyrics and realizing it is much different than that ... then one day one more sober bloke will hear the story tell his mates and they’ll be like duh ... no it’s not. Great song about the cycle of hard work and work ethic. Awesome music.

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The guitar brings the lyric alive with a lot of flair. Really rocks! Interesting how the lyric focuses on an everyday event we are all familiar with...or those who work hard are! Good energy both in the lyric and music.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an awesome job on the new version for this song I like it. But I like both versions to.

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Sort of the same thing happened to me as it happened to you, I had a full on comment done and it simply got erased ai ai ai

Let me try to recreate it. I think the guitar work here is impeccable and the keyboard thing brightens everything up. I love how you can take any normal event ad create a song out of it. I keep waiting for tragedy to hit so I can mine it for every painful gold nugget it gives me and you seem to find your gold everywhere. Not shabby at all.