Shallow Dive

Shallow Dive

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Liner Notes: 

I bought a tenor banjo a month or two back. It's tuned like my tenor guitar, so I already know a few chords and notes. I'm still learning chords on both, but the banjo is a lot easier to play because it's so small.

This song has the tenor guitar, banjo, uke bass (borrowed from my husband), and programmed drums.


It's a shallow dive


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So sinister! You've made some super cool sounds.Love that deeply distorted, heavy guitar. Gives everything such a good pad to play on. Uke bass is thick. I don't think I've ever actually heard a uke bass. Cool. I like that banjo line too. I think that plays well off the thick guitar. Cool tune.

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A great mix of acoustic and electric here. A lake of fuzzed guitar sits underneath the bobbing banjo while you dive in dark water.
Those glitchy drums are very effective and the bass has a enviable sound.
The minimal lyric looked like it couldn't possibly fill the full two minutes, but your voice is made for darkness and you didn't need to say anything else.
Much enjoyed.

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I love this, I'm listening for the 3rd time. Such a great atmosphere, the guitar and vocals set a nice tone and the banjo cuts nicely through it. I also enjoyed the minimalist lyrics!

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Now THIS is some sonic goodness right here! Really digging' what you've created. I really am impressed with the bass uke. I would have never thought such an instrument wold sound so freakin' cool. The track grooves with a soul/funk swagger to it. Keep doing what you love!

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I really want a banjo. Can I borrow yours?
What I want to know is where are we descending. A cavern? The center of the earth? Following the white rabbit into Wonderland? The possibilities are endless.
Nice blending of sounds that are very distinct in their own right. That's hard to do. High five!

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This sounds very dark, like Portishead and Ladytron meets Bela Fleck! I kind of like that juxtaposition though, and I like the tenor of that banjo (but I think it needs to be louder Biggrin ) Good combination of hard and soft sounds, i.e. the crunchy snare and the plinky banjo. Very unexpected!

This has such a powerful, ominous vibe to it. Layers and layers of atmosphere and they merge together perfectly. And then the simple lyrics provide all the context that's needed. Is the u-bass one of those rubber-stringed ones? I seriously considered buying one a while back; it sounded fantastic, but I just couldn't get used to the feel of the strings...

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Viscous and rich-- I dig it. It's the perfect theme song for David Fincher's next film.