Let the Living Water Flow

Let the Living Water Flow

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Liner Notes: 

Wanted to write a nice Biblical story song. This came out. Not super happy with it, but it is what it is.


Let the Living Water Flow
Susan Cantey © 2019

Jesus traveled to Samaria
Came to a town called Sychar
Jacob’s well was there
And Jesus was tired
He sat down by the well about the 6th hour

Let the living water flow
Let the living water flow
Let the living water flow
Let it flow

A Samaritan woman came to draw water
Jesus said: “Won’t you give me a drink, daughter?”
“How can you ask for a drink, sir,
When you are a Jew?
I’m not even supposed to talk to you.”


Jesus said “If you knew who I was
You’d be asking me for a drink
And I’d give you living water…
You’d be asking for more of it.”
She said: “Sir, the well is deep and you’ve nothing to draw water with.”


Jesus told her, her whole life
Not married now, but five times a wife
He said: “The water that I give
Will make you live.”
So, she ran all around the town, said, “Come see the man I’ve found!”

Chorus (x2)

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I like this one a lot - lovely singing, cool propulsive guitar, and great use of rhyme in the lyrical storytelling. Catchy chorus that I bet will stick with me on the run I'm about to go on.
As for your soundboard comment - I used to live in Springdale north of Cincinnati. My folks live in West Chester in Butler County (where I grew up, and in fact I'm here visiting as I write this). My sister lives in Hyde Park.
I didn't start really writing songs until I moved to Florida 15 years ago.

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Very nice! Love the guitar and how it flows which is good since it's part of the song!

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Very interesting insistent riff, set alongside you lovely vocal. Very nice.