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Liner Notes: 

This is a mainly a true story - the seeds are in fact tiny versions of the succulent plants in my yard. And my hidden plants have not gotten quite so tall. Yet.


I had some seeds in my pocket
Planted them in a secret place
Under a big old banyan tree
Prívate spot in a public place

Came back in a couple weeks
Saw that some had started to sprout
Kept the good news to myself
Didn’t want no one to stomp em out

Early one summer morning
After a month gone by
There for only me to see
Those plants were six inches high

Summer rain and summer sun
Did what they were meant to do
Those happy plants made happy flowers
Made me real happy too
And now I can show them to you

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Love your banjo! Nice sentiment. Wish the deer would leave my flowers alone. Sad I should write an anti deer song...but they are beautiful creatures.

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Looking at the lyrics...first a public Second verse moves in time...very nice. Next section...moving through time again and they are six inches high. Last part the flowers are blooming...very nice. Ok, I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...banjo now...vocals now. Vocals sound good...oh yeah. want noone to stomp, oh no. Six inches high, oh yeah. Sounds happy. Made me real happy too, oh yeah, uh huh. I'll show them to you....yeah yeah yeah (Beatles). Very nice song Chip, I like it.

I like the intro almost sounds like a guitar overdub, nice tone.

So, yeah, private public place to grow, -- what we do with our pot plants too Wink -- kidding, kidding. But, happy flowers turn to happy buds... so was not sure how happy, -- kidding, kidding. Smile

GudOne! Like it. Great banjo.

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Thats really pretty And i like the idea as wll. Nice one Chip, im still tapping along.

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This is adorable. The bouncy melody matches the jaunty banjo, and I love the story. Planting a little bit of happiness for everyone.

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Banjo sounds really good and fits the mood very well.

Nice, bright, smile-inducing song. It's like you've written something that Bob Ross would have painted.