Something Fishy

Something Fishy

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Liner Notes: 

Something Fishy

Sean McGaughey (c) July 24, 2019

This is another "From the Headlines" story about a pair of penguins who took up residence under a sushi truck in Wellington Harbour.

I monkeyed with some music but I'm posting lyric only.

Update:. @metalfoot did a great job setting this to music. Thanks.


Parker and Paisley wanted to settle down.
Find a place of their own and a family.
But Wellington real estate is not what it used to be
There were no rooms or pads or rookeries.

But they found a little love nest under a restaurant.
Warm and dry with plenty to eat.
Now they are living a penguins dream
Parked under a sushi truck on easy street

There is something fishy at the sushi shop.
That humming is coming from under the grill.
There is something fishy at the sushi shop
Kindly put a couple tuna rolls on their bill

The chef noticed something was amiss
Tiny webbed footprints leading from the fish
The police came to evict the blue feathered squatters
To the Wellington Zoo they were banished.

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This is clever and fun. Mind if I add some tunage to it?

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Great story telling. Fun lyric with vivid images. Made me smile!

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I can picture the street where this is happening!
Wonderful, cheerful musical treatment - cool chord changes and strumming. Great collab!

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What a fun melody to go with an even more fun lyric. I love that lyric, btw. Straightforward and fun with some strong rhymes (I like the unexpected ones.)

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What a cute story. Just the right added music. Great children's song. Good collab y'all.