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Liner Notes: 

During the superskirmish on the first weekend of 5090, I wrote about 10 lyrics while attending the Mariposa Folk Festival. I've posted most and set several to music.
This one was left incomplete and I have not returned to it.
Feel free to collab on verses or music if you wish.


Sean McGaughey (c) July 7, 2019

She showed defiance from the cradle,
preferring to be moving than held still.
She ran as soon as she could walk
I guess she always will.

Teachers called her bossy
when she dared speak her mind
But in high school she found her way
In the end she turned out fine.

She's strong...
She can work as hard as any man,
She's strong...
When life does not turn out as she planned
She's strong...
She doesn't want to have it all
But She knows that she can.

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Nice tribute to (unnamed) female person. I would be happy to come up with something this good as a tribute to a few "She" persons in my own life.

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A tribute to a daughter is how I read this. I like the examples of her strong will even from infancy. A solid feminist lyric here.