Little Shuttle Pod

Little Shuttle Pod

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Liner Notes: 

There was a lot of moon and space stuff going on a while ago. I did a skirmish thing but I had this song collecting dust unfinished.
I have an empty house now so I can do the vocals. I had my synthvox doing them alone at first, but today I decided to have humanvox (me) redo them as a place holder for when I can get an actual singer to do them.
I want another section, a bridge, I suppose and them some kind of spaced out vamp. Also need transitions between chorus and 2nd verse...and prob a 3rd verse while I'm at it.
I decided to do my voice and the synthvox singing together - but the synthvox is saying something slightly different during the chorus...will change that at some point.
Star Trek TNG is one of my all time favorite shows and as a kid, I always thought the shuttle pods were kinda....cute. They moved so slow and were so cozy inside (remember when Picard and Wesley were forced to share a ride? lol), and just seemed so...friendly. I dunno..I was a weird kid (adult). So that's where this came from when I initially wrote it.
...I know I said I was gonna chill out a bit with the songs, but I gotta take advantage of the times when I can record!


shuttle pod,
I hope you have a nice trip
shuttle pod come back to us

shuttle pod,
with your thrusters on impulse
as you smile upon the stars

little shuttle pod
little shuttle pod
smiling at the moon
buddy shuttle pod
little shuttle pod
little shuttle pod
i will see you soon
little shuttle pod

shuttle pod,
with your cozy command chair
shuttle pod, give it your all
shuttle pod,
the whole crew believes in you
you can do it, shuttle pod

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cant imagine better vocals on this than the ones you have placed. cool and cocktaily, sends me back to the moonshot era and the jetsons vision of Century 21.that seems to have been inspired by the 1962 Worlds Fair in Seattle.

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I like how the lyric is directed at the shuttle pod itself..."buddy shuttle pod" is so endearing! Enjoyed the upbeat music and vocals. Creative stuff going on.

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this is really good Mike. don't need different vocals ( i do here that little glitch). in fact its better than good mate this is top stuff

I totally clicked on this one because of the space tag. Love this sound. Love the lyrics. So cool! You had me at TNG man. :P

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I like everything about this.
Your vox are actually a perfect fit for this music and these lyrics.
Charming all around.

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I can't believe you want to have someone else singing!?? You have a GREAT voice and it totally suits the rhythm of this song. Too bad you can't sing on more of your songs.

Those soft but deep beats are fabulous and I love the snap-but-not-snaps.

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