I Forgot

I Forgot

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Liner Notes: 

I started on this song back in April for a FB music group. Had only one "verse" and bare bones music.
I knew I wanted to add more verses but just never went back to it.
Ran across is the other day and had some recording time and came up with more words. Tweaked musical ideas; taking away and adding.
I purposely chose simple cheesy synth sounds to make this with. I like how they sound with the vocal fx I used.
This is a song that I just don't think will ever sound like I want it to.
The second half of the song has a totally different style than the first, and there's nothing wrong with that method - just that I've yet to figure out how I'd really like to make the transition. And I feel I need better vocal ability to be able to deliver the 50s doo-wop style of that second half and the overall feel isn't how I hear it in my head...
I remember now why I left this alone before, haha.
Oh well, 50/90 is the place to do things that may not work, so...
I think I'm gonna step away for a bit and just listen and comment. I'm starting to get too annoyed with my creations.


I forgot why I'm mad at you
I can't remember...what did you do?
I forgot why I'm mad at all.
For all I know, it was probably my fault. Well...

Well, here you come with your face and your ways
Like Men In Black you got my memory erased.
Girl, how did you escape from this trial.
I'm throwing this case out cause its not fair when you smile.

I don't know where it all went wrong
This was supposed to be my victory song
Must've been when you flashed me those eyes
All of a sudden, girl, I apologize. Mm...


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i love the mix of all the different voice pitches. maybe that heavy synthe presses down too hard on the vocalsm but thats the only problem i hear. i just dis a song called shimering guitars that i almost threw away because of similar problems, but i decided to accept it as it is. not my best effort but it has its place and this poce of yas more than enough attributes to compensate for some minor drawbacks,, and i like the changes in the second part, especially as the volune increases as you reach the end.

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It's cool. But I feel that some distance either makes what we've done better or it shows us how we can make it better. I like the very abstract and surreal feel. Even the transition for me felt very cool.

Oooh, this is weirdly cool. I have no idea how you're getting that effect on the vocals, but I really dig it. Are you just transposing copies of the vocal track, or feeding it in to some form of processing?

There's nowt wrong with "cheesy synths" in my opinion. There are some great sounds here. Having a solid, and *extremely* funky groove for them to play around in always helps. And that last lead sax line is a killer!