Teenage Stink

Teenage Stink

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Liner Notes: 

Believe it or not, I was a substitute teacher for many years.

There is no experience quite like spending time in a small classroom containing thirty sweaty adolescents on a hot June day.

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It sounds like the teens in the classroom were a bit anxious, had troubles with concentration combined with several severe bouts of mental coma while the hormone-rich sweat particles glistened in the afternoon sun peeking through the blinds. You can call yourself lucky to live through that ordeal. Smile

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Haha, despite the title, my imagination took me to a castle while listening, where some kind of young, bumbling, unauthorized person was wandering through peering into rooms. First, he sees an evil wizard doing alchemy, then he keeps walking, sees an assassination take place, walks on, peers a little longer on an illicit love scene about to unfold, then moves along to the kitchen where he sees sawdust being poured into the bread dough, and finally stumbles upon a gritty back hallway with some guards who are gambling with dice, but then they see him poking around, and he is marched to the dungeon. Dysfunctional fantasy stuffs. But good, evocative, tune, for sure.

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Great title! And fun, strange little song; it has the edgy feel of rising, tightly-wound impatience as the unruly stink slowly starts to overwhelm you... Biggrin

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This is pop music for germs. Very catchy, but hopefully not catching.
Cleanliness does not appeal naturally to young humans like a good tune does.
You have made me feel sorry for my teachers.

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trying to recall the stink of the classrooms and all i smell is gym class. what a stench in those locker rooms, i dont remember the regular classes smelling that bad.. your music offers the th but then, i was part of that stink, your music gives us the teachers perspective on how badly we stunk.

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Smells like teens getting impatient and stroppy on a hot summer's day Biggrin

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Hahaha great title, it works especially well with the low melodica, totally sounds like smell at the fade out, I love it

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Odilon's comment about "the edgy feel of rising, tightly-wound impatience" really sums things up nicely! Great title and ominous sounds ... love the spirally ending.

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great title as usual, makes me try to picture the smell to go with the music , love that looped play out...

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This sounds like an afternoon at school dragging on, with the added unpleasantness of oppressive heat. Yet at the same time, as so many of your songs are, it's oddly lovely and indeed melodic. I am hearing a vocal line as I listen.
I substitute taught for a few months - kudos for keeping at it! I taught middle school and high school for over 20 years. I know the teenage stink.

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Hahahahaha! Bet you don't miss that in the slightest. Smile
I like how the melodica sneaks up on you, kinda like the stink.
Always love a good pause. The one at 1:25 is perfect.
And then the back and forth. Nice.
Good stuff G!

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Ah, I feel it, as the day wears on (and on). I did the occasional sub for a high school in Indy for a few years, and I remember....

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Haha Reminded me when my Son wanted to try all my instruments as a 4 year old and I was down in bed repeating to my self "Music is good for kids, music is good for kids"

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someone-get-me-a-gas-mask...that's hilarious. You build tension in stink, that is new to me, a thought that never occurred to me. Coming closer to stink means more tension (that what I hear in the dynamics of the song now); next time I meet unwanted stink, I get away from it and I will think the stink loses tension.