I Go and Go and Go

I Go and Go and Go

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy wrote these excellent lyrics. Here is my take on them, I've always been a frequent pee-er and these words spoke to me. For anyone in the UK of a certain age - yes I channeled my inner Chas and Dave for this song. @[Valerie Cox] did a great ukulele versions a few days ago http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/valerie-cox


I Go and Go and Go
© 2019 Cindy Prince

First it is my coffee
I have it every morn
But the trail to my bathroom
Is starting to get worn

Then it's my juice
It is so fruity and good
But it can run through me
Faster than I ever thought it could

I go and go and go
I pee and pee and pee
Is it the aging process
Or the coffee, juice and tea?

Hold it in
Walk fast
Let go a gush
Go back
Don't forget to flush

Next comes a little wine
Or perhaps some other liquor
Then I have to run really fast
Cause it goes through even quicker

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Haha! Great job, you guys. Always get wonderful lyrics from Cindy, and you've done a nice roadhouse/vaudeville arrangement to fit them perfectly. Terrific!

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Biggrin This is priceless! I love both versions! I am laughing so much! Thanks!

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Love this jaunty piano take on cindy’s lyric and all of the wonderful energy and sound effects. Love the vocals! Id write more but have a sudden urge to pee. Wink

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this is classic music hall material. oh for the days .of vaudeville and burlesque. thanks for the taste,

Ha ha ha! Love the show tune vibe! And sound effects?!?! You're the boss! This great fun!

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Ha! I resemble this lyric! What a great rendition of Cindy's clever lyric. Love the harmonies and sound effects. The guitar solo is sooo nice! LOVE it!

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This is classic! And I will be singing it every time I have to go now Biggrin