Ever Alone, Never Alone (Open Production Corpse)

Ever Alone, Never Alone (Open Production Corpse)

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Liner Notes: 

So, the first exquisite corpse to be finished for this year's 50/90 songwriting challenge is ironically the first one in the list on the forum thread, the Open-Production Corpse, which is where you can record in any way that you want to - lo-fi, big production, or anything in between.

Participants in this are (in order);

1. marvsmooth
2. sph
3. nateger
4. metalfoot
5. ballyhoot







Inside your mind, you’ll find them
Behind the darkest doors
Crawling, calling out your name
They will not be ignored

Was that just the floorboards
Or the creaking of your bones?
The whispering behind your ear
Reminds you you’re never alone


Alone... alone... alone

Feeling ever alone...



All of the days
You've been gone
Living in a haze
No matter what I do

Try to pass the time
Another's arms
But they don't feel right
Cuz they ain't you

And so I'm still feeling
Yeah I'm feeling alone
Yeah I'm feeling, feeling
Feeling ever alone
Feeling ever alone
Feeling ever alone
Feeling ever alone

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Starts out beautifully with parts 1 & 2. 3 gets a bit of fun funk. Nice dance beat on 4. Rocked out on part 5. Wonderful transitions between parts.This is one of the most cohesive corpses I've ever listened to. Nice job guys!

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This actually turned out really well (in spite of my part). Great work everyone!

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Very pretty and sweet opener. Love the guitar work. Good transition to the second segment. Some more very good quality guitar work. And the transition to the 3rd segment is very very good. Man, that's some groovy work, there. I want the full version!!! Very interesting tonal shift for segment 4 (and yes, F and C were dead on!), and my segment at the end doesn't sound like complete crap, so I'm happy about that. I mentioned this in the forum, but I completed my segment without realizing I was the last segment. Fortunately, I had included a decent enough end to my segment to provide a sense of closure for the whole song. Anyway, as always, this was very fun to participate in and even more fun to hear all the twists and turns. Great job everybody!

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The opener is so dreamy and the transition to track 2 is magical. Totally seamless. I dig the overlapped guitar/banjo(?) parts. Totally lovely. @metalfoot I love how you transitioned out of my track. So grateful I love the lofi sound and dance track. You took the line about being alone to a hilarious and 80s-tastic height. @ballyhoot Way to make a kickass rocking finale to the corpse. I love your singing and the loose feel of the beat. Awesome stuff everyone Smile

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Looking at the lyrics...Alone...pretty straight forward. Ballyhoot...very nice! Yeah, sometimes a replacement relationship just isn't the same when you're still broken from the past. Yeah, feeling ever alone is good. I like the oooh too. Ok guys, I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...sounds country...good lead melody. Quite moody. Nice change up music now...very nice...great guitars. I hear that bass in there too. Change up now...good beat...nice pad chops...killer bass. Vocals now...sounds very good. Good melody. Background vocals now. More pads and keys. Change up now...alone alone alone....beat change...that's cool...strong strings. Very moody sound. Feeling ever alone...alone. Beat picking up...now grunge guitar. Strong vocal lift. Good guitars. Yeah, I'm feeling, feeling, ever alone. Nice finish. Super great job to all who were involed. I like it!

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This is so gentle and lovely as it starts and transitions into some more gorgeous a little more uptempo music which morphs so well into the next song that it is mysterious and funky and gives way to the cool vibe and music with that great dance beat that carries into that wonderful last song... this corpse evolves so wonderfully....it really sounds great! Kudos to all!

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I love how SPH carried on from where I left off, with a beautiful instrumental section, with some lovely playing!

Nateger then provided a wonderfully poppy number with a great groove going on, followed by metalfoot’s glorious eighties-centric cool, and finally ballyhoot gives it a swaggertastic rock out!


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Nice flow in this one!
@marvsmooth with a smooth start, followed by guitar, cavaquinho and resonator guitar by me.
I really like how @nateger picks up the rhythm perfectly with the snare and then widens the soundstage when vocals and bass kick! I also want the full version!
@metalfoot takes us back to Joy Division land with the sparse eighties synth and @ballyhoot morphs the tune with his voice and guitar. That open end works really well.

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This was entertaining and fun. I liked all the different sections, they work together fine and there is enough continuity to keep it coherent and enough contrast to keep it interesting. The beginning is beautiful, the ending is more energetic and everything between is very nice. Smile

Wow, folks - that's a really diverse selection of musical genres, right there! But it not only hangs together, there's a theme in there to be discerned, as well. Nice work!

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The solo at the start is absolutely gorgeous and so sad. Then we get several themes...very surprising!