Hope has no name

Hope has no name

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Liner Notes: 

One more with the OP-Z! I've been having fun exploring the OP-Z, learning new things every day and creating under its constraints. I look at it as a little notebook where I can quickly sketch ideas and write down notes, but with music.



Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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nice intervals here to build something upon. it suggests many melodic possibilities. i like those arpeggios as well. they remind me of philip glass but work in a completely different way here, the final part is more a third movement than a coda, and takes is into something of a reverie on what has passed,

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Just through your creations on here, I'm learning a lot about the character of that little box. Seems to have a similar charm to those old Casios of roughly the same size...obviously with way more going for it, but still...there's something quaint and awesome about it.
Another chilled track from you that I totally dig. Love that first sound's slight echo, fits well with the rest of the sounds you bring in. The arp gives a nice help to the minimal drums.
Good stuff