In the Forest

In the Forest

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Liner Notes: 

Yet another set of [@mark]'s lyrics grabbed my attention, this time for the feel-good nature angle and folkiness of it... I can't seem to write like this, so luckily mark will share!

I modified the structure just a little bit from the way he posted it, but otherwise it's the same. It's mostly a chorus-fest now!


In The Forest
Lyrics by [@mark]

verse 1:

look at all the trees
(they) make you feel so small
take in all the leaves before the
autumn when they fall

on the nature trail
(the) air feels oh so right
pitch a happy tent and
have a pleasant night


we don't have to go home
we can stay out here
(in the) forest
(in the) forest

we don't need to worry
we can feel at peace
(in the) forest
(in the) forest

verse 2:

listen to the birds
(they) chirp a little song
take in all the notes and you per-
haps could sing along

on the nature trail
(you) feel the slightest breeze
take a good inhale; your
soul will feel at ease

[repeat chorus]

[teeny tiny instrumental bridge]

[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]
[flub ending but try to make it seem intentional]

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Gorgeous! I love the forest and this matchup is sublime!

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really nice harmonies on the chorus. i also like the chords on the guitar and your melodies are both memorable and singable. i like the way you develop them

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No great insight - just a nice lyric and tune well performed - yup the harmonies are real nice as well

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Love the effects of that tuning, makes for some nice interesting chords and progressions. The harmonies are sweet, creating a spacious open air kinda feel.

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I like how your guitar sounds like a ukulele.
Great performance here - those harmonies are gorgeous.
I'm right on board with these lyrics for sure.
This tune is so calming.
Really great collab, folks!

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Really nice harmonies! I didn't know there was such a thing as a baby guitar so in addition to enjoying the words and music, I learned something from you!

ooh, this is a nice soothing tune for my friday mornin! thx for setting this lyric to music! Smile

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I ADORE this theme. When I hear songs about the forest or nature my heart gets so shiny feeling. Great musical interpretation. Not overly happy feeling...more of a chill vibe...the sound that walking around in the forest makes. I liked the repeats at the end to inspire sing-a-long. Great work you two.

“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”  Ella Fitzgerald

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This is beautifully light and happy. I can imagine the picture with the light coming through the leaves as you walk through the trees. Really vivid lyrics and excellent musicification (why yes, that is a made up word, but then aren't all words made up?)

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I'm in. Let's go. My forest or yours?
Those BGVs are a nice add. Since it's higher than the melody, it gives it an airy, other dimensional feel. If that makes sense?
I think you have a similar obsession with GDGCDG that I do with open D. Hahaha!
"take a good inhale; your
soul will feel at ease"
Mark, I think you wrote those words just for me. I needed to hear them. Thank you!