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Liner Notes: 

Two "Unbearable" compositions created in one day. I think I need to create something positive soon. Anyway, here it is. I don't know why it came...
Anyhow, I'll be back later, It's too late and too hot...

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this music is so rich and cinematic that i dont think words could do it justice.... unless it were on an epic operatic scale alternatively, it could be a deeply moving soundtrack for a short film on the theme of unbearable suffering .

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I think you scared away the heat. THANKS!! This actually reminds me of old vampire movies--which, technically, would be "unbearable' if you had to share your air conditioning with one of them, I guess. Very nice!

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It is funny that Jerry mentioned old vampire movies, I was thinking old monster movies. Very rich, and yes operatic sounding. Also a lot of sadness in there. The title totally fits. Love it