Sunday Morning Blues

Sunday Morning Blues

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Liner Notes: 

I snatched some more time in the studio over the weekend, so I've got another batch of these acoustic/rockabilly/blues kinds of songs coming up. This time, I'm playing the full drum kit, which I think came out pretty good, considering I'm just a guitar player.


About last night
I have some regrets
I woke up this morning
With a hammer in my head

Now Sunday's here
Nothing seems so clear
Like it did last night

On the midnight hour
My head was full of ideas
But now the sun is up
It's all gone, I fear

Now Sunday's here
Nothing seems so clear
Like it did last night

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Very blues/hillbilly like a band I used to know in Arkansas. Nice song!

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Nice one! Your voice has a very nice Morrison/Morrisey vibe, VERY GOOD, gave me goosebumps. The song is very bluesy and I love the bass throughout

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I really like the clean bluesy feel of this, and your voice fits really well. I think I like it better than your band stuff, to be honest. Sweet and precise and verrrry bluesy guitar, especially that call-and-response section. Love the way the ideas vanish in themorning! Who'd a thunk usual miseries! Good stuff.

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Yeah I just love it

this music just makes you want to move
great short lyric right to the point
very nice vocal as always
loved it