'This Heat is Unbearable'

'This Heat is Unbearable'

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Liner Notes: 

It is very hot in London for few days now. We had thunder in small hours but it didn't clear the air. It's still far too hot and even people who love hot weather say it's too hot. Here is my instrumental about the heat we are experiencing at the moment. Thank you for listening. Please let me know if you hear a potential for a collaboration.

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Seems it is hot in so many places. I really like this Nadia!

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I like both the other-worldly synth sounds and the composition. It has this nice classical music feel to it. Lots of tension and sadness but every now and then comes a short "relief" in the form of major chords. We have something like 30 degrees Celsius in Helsinki right now and I guess it's about the same in London. It's way too hot!

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i can see the steam rising from the sidewalks as the heat increases throughout the day. ,midway through the piece, a weary miasma settles upon the city

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Is this a song or a statement Smile But I agree it was way too hot back then. The synth sounds like the heat burning.