You Deliver

You Deliver

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Liner Notes: 

I used Lyric Cloud and had these words: Alarms, shiver, quiver, ecstasy, confess, deliver. I would love to collab on this.


Your Deliver
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Alarms went off
I should have known
You were trouble and I knew it

I confess
My mind was blown
I knew that you'd never commit

You made me shiver
I confess
My legs quivered
I'm useless
Your touch like fire
My God the desire
Babe, you deliver..deliver

How could I love your touch so much?

I'm sure I'll hurt
When you leave
But oh the ecstasy while you're here

I certainly am
More than naive
But darling you just can't be compared

Repeat chorus

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Yes I agree with Valerie on this one, it's dripping with description and it's very hot indeed. I'd love to tackle this one although a guy singing this might sound a bit weird. Or maybe not... May I? Smile