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Liner Notes: 

Had no intentions of making a song tonight - was simply creating a folder for all my 8-bit type stuff (@Victoria Quinn inspired me to start revisiting that stuff!). One thing led to another and this came out.
Just a mix of sugary pop and bop and whatever other cutesy words describe it.
Drums first and I just kept hearing "sweet" in my head and went sample diving.
Found a bunch and made some work for me here.
Put a simple piano four chord repeat to hold it together and really give it that sugarpop sound, some bass, and simple melodies.
Since I had just spent all that time organizing my 8-bit folder, I figured why not toss some into this song. So I did dat.
I like making this kind of stuff cause it actually is fun to do.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This has a delightfully cheesy sweet vibe that is addictive and uplifting! Love the vocal contrasts and their interplay.

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Aah, you should never underestimate the power of fun when doing demos. I really can hear the energy and flow in this on. Nice sounds and cool clear production. I like the idea of mixing 8-bit synth sounds with pop-soul music, it works really well.

If I had time I'd take a closer look at this 8-bit thing. It seems to have possibilities for catchy pop music, it's like bubblegum for the new millennium. Smile

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Of course, you had me right off with the beat! And then that “sweetie baby” thing hooked me further. Fun song to dance to!

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Not just "fun to do," but tremendously fun to listen to. Such a relaxed but poppy groove, with the delicate plink of the synths and the little vocal snippets floating around; it's all a delightfully sugary, bouncy delight!