My Fault

My Fault

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to write about a very complicated situation in a simple way. The melody and lyrics came together, as they usually do. For the accompaniment, my only idea was the guitar stuff on Beyonce's All Night Long... this was the best I could do in the fifteen minutes I had. It isn't quite right but I really like how it turned out.


It was
My fault, it was
My idea, it was
My crime, it was
My desire, it was my
Weakness, it was my
Lie, it was my
Tendency to romanticise

It was my leap into the unknown
It was my fear of being alone
It was my failure to be open with you

It was
Our pain, it was
Our shame, it was
Our sin, it was
Our pretence, it was our
Selfishness, it was our
Pride, it was our
Tendency to cover and hide

It was a taste of what I could get
It was a waste of promises meant
It was a love I would not fight off for you

It was all ending
It was all beginning
Everything was beginning
And all at once, and all at once, and all at once

It was
Glory, it was
Healing, it was
Sunlight, it was
The truth in my soul, it was
Patient, it was
Kind, it was the
Love I’d looked for all of my life

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I Ike the three verses, different views of the situation. I really like the melodic lift in the B section.

My only criticism is that in the bridge you go to a very average full-chord strumming pattern that I think could be something different. The guitar part in the verse with that rhythmic punctuation is really great, but personally I thought the bridge (it was all ending) was kind of a low point in the song, and i’d Be looking for a way to make that a peak in the intensity of the song.

I like that you brought the last verse down in intensity, to me that really worked dynamically. .

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I like how the parallel lyric progresses and how it sets its own structure. The raw emotional delivery with feeling is powerful.

The 1v1g works well; from there, allot could be done. However this is very effective. Less can be more, as it serves the song as it’s said. Gudone Smile The arrangement end to end works very well!

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This is a great song (if a sad one!). I don't know the situation of which you write but great job getting art out of it.