Removed From the Great

Removed From the Great

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Liner Notes: 

Guess who got a new Prime Minister!


You want an army
But I want some answers
Why should we bear arms for this?
You’ve decided on coal
And you’re scrapping the dole
Role reversals are taking the piss

Don’t ask the people
Just take it from me
You’re lower than low and most folk would agree
You’re not my decision
And you’re not my mate
You’re ensuring that Britain’s removed from the Great

Who am I speaking of?
Fam, take your pick
They’re some shittily surnamed straight white male prick
Spending our taxes
On bombs and retorts
Ignoring reports and the laws and the courts

Don’t ask the people
Cos they won’t agree
And you’d never win votes on popularity, he’s
Not my decision
And you’re not my vote
You’re taking an island and building a moat

Bail out the bankers
Move it offshore
The food banks are barren and starving for more
Where are my buses
And where is my rest?
The world’s hard to sleep on, I’m tired and I’m stressed

You won’t ask the people
You simply don’t care
You’ve scrambled to ‘top and you think that it’s fair
To hoard all your wealth
And to fuck up a deal
Your fantasy world is horrifically real

Yeah, don’t ask the people
And hope that they’re quiet
Hide in your castle when they start a riot
We’re not united
It’s not a debate
The leaders of Britain have never been Great

Don’t ask the people
You can take it from me
When you’re gone all the streets will be thriving and free
You’re not our decision
And you’re not our mate
You’re ensuring that Britain’s removed from the Great

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I feel you. Seems they're doing there what we are enduring here. Great thoughts and speaking out or writing about it, is the best way to deal
with it. Nice one!

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great writing and .. my condolences on your country taking that horrible right turn that the US seems to have taken as well..

many excellent lines and the whole thing is done with appropriate energy and passion. Great pay-off line (about the 'great' in GB)

Recording suggestion- (and its fine, no worries, but just something I finally figured out for myself..) the vocal (vs guitar) is a little quiet- the vocal needs to be slightly louder vs the guitar, one way also to make the guitar a little less 'boomy' is the do a little eq, cut everything less then say 120 hz (ie cut out some low frequencies, which is where alot of that guitar is that's slightly obscuring the vocal..)