Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

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Liner Notes: 

I saw two little girls with their lemonade stand this morning and thought of the one my sister and I had many years ago. I still love lemonade!


Lemonade Stand
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Two little girls
Braids in their hair
Hot summer day
Wanting to share
Ice cold lemonade
A quarter a cup
What a great way
To spend your days up

Flashes of memories
Come to my mind
We once had a stand
My sister and I
Ice cold lemonade
A nickel a glass
A wonderful time
Way back in my past

Little girl voices
Both present and past
Saying, "Ice cold lemonade!
Come get a glass!"

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Fun little rhythm built into this and this would make a really cute song, maybe even a children's song, LOVE the last two lines!!

Cute story. Great memories. These days if you want to put up a lemonade stand you probably have to get a permit from the city and charge sales tax. Smile

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Wonderful nostalgia and images! Those days seem almost magical now.

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Oh yes, the braids of summertime! I can see those girls just from the first two lines. Great meter and pace to this one, painting a sweet pair of visuals, present and past. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your inspiration.

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This is cute and paints a nice picture

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This is absolutely lovely! Thanks for thinking of me Cindy. I don’t know when I’ll have time for it just yet as my 4 kids are on summer holidays but I’ll put it on my noteboard for a quiet moment Smile

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Thanks! I am not sure how you do any recording during this time!