Girl on a Swing

Girl on a Swing

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Disclaimer: Wrote the first version of this well before 5090. Took it to a songwriters' critique last night. They had a couple of suggestions and I agreed that the bridge sucked. So here's the new version. Worked on a new lyric for the bridge in my sleep and came up with the new melody this morning. We wanted the bridge to be playful, child like and have a "moment." Did it do it?

Turns out Gary and the Pacemakers also had a song called "Girl on a Swing." I listened to it on You Tube and it's completely different from mine except for the fact that is also in 3/4 time. Interesting. Mmmm...I think I actually like my song better. (head swells up and pops open - what audacity!)


Girl on a Swing
Susan Cantey © 2019

I’m just a girl on a swing,
Swing high and low,
Just a girl on a swing,
Girl on a swing,
Girl on a swing,

Wake up get out of bed
Coffee to clear my head
Start the car, heading west
Check the mail, man the desk


Five pm, driving home
In the door, hear the phone
Told him, “leave me alone”
I’m fine on my own


Wind in my hair,
I fly through the air,
Higher and higher and high!
Feet to the sky!

Chorus x2

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I like how the movements of the melody evoke the swing, particularly the soaring bridge. Lovely!

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Very pretty, soaring melody-- great painting with music to achieve the effects of the words!

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Looking at the lyrics now...nice opening the whoa. The second section with the coffee sounds just like me! Chorus now...very nice and good rhymes throughout. Last section, I think that the bridge...very nice...wind in my hair fly through the air. Pretty good. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice...123 123 great guitar vocals now...sounds great. Love the singing. Melody is very good. I hear the bass in there too...sounds good. Yeah, just a girl on a swing...whoa. Fiddle now sounds great. Vocals are pure pitch singing...I can tell you been doing this for a long time. Soothing song. I hear strings now. Ok, very nice mix and a terrific song!

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This is lovely! I like the title and how the story is woven around it. The musical parts all work so well together. I like how the melody a swing! Pretty vocals too. Nicely done!

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Beautiful imagery Susan. I like how you leave it up to the listener to fill in the gaps of the story. Lets one "swing" away into a dreamy headspace.

“If you play music with passion and love and honesty, then it will nourish your soul, heal your wounds and make your life worth living. Music is its own reward.” Sting

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Very bright sounding. We feel happy in the frolic of the chorus then comes the hum drum of work. Then the drama of the unwanted call and finally it's all carefree again. Took me on a good voyage. Well done.

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This has such a nice whimsical feel to it, catchy and melodic. That guitar has a nice swing to it. The strings are a really nice touch. Great vocal, too. I makes me feel like a boy. It's nice to recapture that feeling of youthful joy