The dusty cello

The dusty cello

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11 The dusty cello - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

Couldn't come up with lyrics today and I wanna get to bed at a reasonable hour for once, so here is proof that the cello in the background of my videos isn't just a prop Biggrin Cello is dusty and I am rusty. Like haven't touched it in weeks/months kinda rusty. Real cellists, please don't judge my technique or lack thereof :P

I had a brief but passionate affair with the cello. Picked it up at the ripe old age of 27, got deeply obsessed for a few years, joined community bands and orchestras. Then singer-songwritering took over. It's an instrument that demands physical and mental rigour... which is why I've mostly abandoned it now Wink But there's still a place in my heart for my old flame. Both the instrument itself and playing in groups taught me a new kind of listening, for pitch and phrasing, for layers in arrangements, for timbre and tone. That may not come through in my playing, but it certainly has influenced the way I approach voice, which came after the cello.


lalala going to bed before 2am lalalala

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Wow! To just pick it up again and play? Impressive! I love the tone - bittersweet, heartstring-tweaking, mysterious, organic.
I gave violin a go many years ago when my daughter was taking lessons. Those orchestra instruments just aren't the type (to me, at least) that you can start writing songs with right away. Which is probably why I didn't keep it up.
The man who taught me meditation was at one time a concert cellist. He says meditation appealed to him in part because he already had the daily practice thing in him from all the years of cello playing.

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I think this is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful and haunting. I do a fake cello on my keyboard. Next to the piano, the cello is my favorite instrument. Your composition here is absolutely superb. LOVE it! Give rose

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that was a real treat, hearing you play the cello. there might be a little rust between the lines, but you have great tone.

I love the cello. Rusty or not this is a lovely, melancholy piece. Always nice to hear this wonderful instrument.

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That was a lovely bit of work. Nice tone for not having played in a long time!

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You underestimate yourself. Most people are not concerned with perfection, they like good music. - sure a little rust but still good.

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Quite likable melody for sure, it's sad but it's giving hope too. I like how, when you notice you hit a "wrong note' , you make the melody smooth again. Yeah, I like the cello, it sounds deep and meaningful.

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Nice, I played cello in high school and crashed and burned on the Bach cello suites. I picked up double bass in college and I this year started taking lessons and learning to read again..

But what I intended to say is nice tone! And nice phrasing! You have not lost what you had.

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Makes me miss my friend who plays cello and the rich sound that would fill the house when we practiced. I enjoyed the listen thanks.

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Cellos are such majestic instruments, and I (admittedly a non-cellist) thought you sounded great. I'm glad you picked it up again for us!

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I like the forlorn melody. I only wish I could pick up an instrument like this after weeks/months/years and actually make something recognizable as music.

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ahh lovely, i always see your cello hanging on your wall in your videos, nice to see it come out and play Smile

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I love cello! I LOVE cello playing Eastern European sty folk melodies in minor mode! I really need to get my bow repaired and work on my violin skills (or lack thereof). Also have to say that I love that little sigh of satisfaction at the end. Makes me remember why I love writing and performing.