Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer

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Liner Notes: 

When I walked the dog early Saturday morning, I made up the words. When I walked the dog early Sunday morning, I recorded the nature sounds in the background.
When I sang it a cappella, it came out to about a minute. But I had more than two minutes of nature sounds, so I added the same vocal track doubled for a bit of echo.


This is my prayer to the morning
I know she hears it
I’ve taken safe passage on this ship
I know she steers it
Garland of flowers and jewels
I know she wears it
Arms outstretched for embrace
I know she shares it

This is my prayer to the morning
I know he feels it
Moon gives way to the sun
I know he reveals it
I love them, I love them, I love them
Hope that they know it
Now, I’m off into the day
I hope to show it

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What beautiful lyrics and the nature sounds in the background add such a soothing undertone to the song.

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The acapella plus birdsong is gorgeous, spiritual. A garland of flowers and jewels is such a lush image.

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such a sweet and loving way to start the day, and the birds sing it with you

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Nothing like nature and a walk to stimulate the song writer's mind. Very nice. Love the birds! Smile

I like how you used both masculine and feminine. I think it's important to think of nature/God/the universe as all encompassing. Lovely prayer.