Captured Listening

Captured Listening

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Liner Notes: 

Incidental music for Electric Catnip Season 1

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Really interesting harmonies and progressions here-- almost expressionist in feel.

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Still loving those Mellotron flutes.
A great little off-kilter piece.
I like the stop/start nature of this.
I gotta watch your videos again...

Cool track, some neat songs and a very weird flow that works well. It has a certain mood that is hard to define but is certainly unique. Enjoyable listen!

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This film of yours has suddenly got weird. Cats taking drugs and playing symphonic prog rock time sigs.
Very interesting developments have obviously appeared in the story. My interest is piqued and I will have to watch the videos.

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wowowww i love this... great feeling of teetering but also steady footsteps too... interesting... i love the color of this too.... especially that muffly drumy pillowy bass... really great!!!

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Man, that rhythm is awesome.
Sounds like the background music to an old movie or tv show, which I bet was your plan. It's a perfect background for what you're doing for sure. I can't wait for you to finish it!!!