Inner Child Work

Inner Child Work

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Liner Notes: 

Just a bit of poetry set to groovy tunes... still trying to figure out appropriate volume levels for everything.

LMMS was the go-to this time.


Inner Child Work
by visiblydistorted
July 20 2019

Inner-child work's complex,
not just a self-soothing fad,
Or healing ancient trauma
Or conversations I'd have
With a parent long crossed over,
nor remembering to be curious,
Nor embracing the awe and wonder,
nor taking myself too serious,

I'm unlocking her cage,
I'm unbinding her wings,
I'm unpacking her baggage...

To make a brand-new ally,
I hug the broken kid inside me,
And we can be adventurous.
No longer crushed and hiding,
I tell her that I'm here now,
All grown and resilient,
I'll make a mess, as I express,
I am that youthful spirit.

It's playfully absorbing from senses at all angles,
It's taking trust for granted despite how it's been mangled,
It's hearing birdsong, giving chase, getting raindrops on your skin,
explorations of your things, examining the place you're in,

I'm unlocking her cage,
I'm unbinding her wings,
I'm unpacking her baggage...


I make a brand new ally
Of wounded yesteryear
I call upon her innocence
to freshen and make clear
solutions, observations,
and wisdom plain as day,
I follow fragrant gardens
of intuition's say.

It's also integrating as sponge for all things new,
It's losing judgment's lenses embracing being true.
I make a brand new ally, She's been here all the while,
Just waiting for my summons, I call her name, and smile.

I'm unlocking her cage,
I'm unbinding her wings,
I'm unpacking her baggage...

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Wow, this is so cool! Love the lyrics and doing it this way works well!

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This is fun! I didn't know you were so in to personal development work. I'm a big fan of personal development work.

Regarding levels, you can get pretty far just by assigning each instrument a spot within the stereo landscape. (Something like setting a balance of -70 / -30 / +30 / +70 for four instruments.) You can also easily duplicate tracks, with one instrument/configuration on a hard left, and another on a hard right. You can get much fancier, filters and automation and the like, but it tends to be safe to start with a simple stereo configuration.

As far as advanced topics, something like this might benefit from "auto-ducking." It allows you to have a nice loud regularly repeating track that automatically reduces its volume so that a more intermittent track can be heard more clearly. In LMMS falls in to an advanced concept known as "side-chaining." -- But we're likely talking rabbit holes right now. It's just distraction if you're not there yet. (There are YouTube videos.)

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A really great partnering of the lyrics with the musical bed.
Nice vocal delivery.
Yeah, this musical background is cool.
The swooshy bits are great.
I really like this one!
Keep doing that inner work!!

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Cool tribal drums meets the girl from Ipanema! Awesome!