Let It Happen

Let It Happen

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Liner Notes: 

Another one on the broken four-stringed guitar.


Take the lightning from its source
Leave it when it starts to fork
Starting something off don’t mean you pick where it can go
Just let it happen

Just let it happen (x3)

Trains ride tracks right down the line
You can disembark at any time
Rattle-y little cars where raindrops streak like shooting stars
Just let it happen

Just let it happen (x3)

My decisions are moronic and my own
And my potential possibilities are set in stone
So let it happen

Just let it happen (x6)

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I'm a sucker for a drone-y guitar, and the four strings have that effect. There are some really solid images in this song! So many excellent little lines. Nice work!

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There is something compelling about these lyrics. I cant put my finger on it. They are clean and crisp. The gentle understated delivery is very easy to listen to.

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Starting something off don’t mean you pick where it can go.....that is something we all should keep in mind. the gentle expressiveness in your voice is ably assisted by that broken guitar.

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Like this one, that simple hook works nicely. Forked lightning is a nice image to start with, something unknowable and uncontrolled. I like the image of shooting star raindrops in the second verse.

The third verse is a little different, and if I was your producer, which I’m not, I might suggest making it even more different from the others, a little more bridge-like. Not that you asked.