In My Mind

In My Mind

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Liner Notes: 

Well, I found a small, brief window of time to get one finished and recorded. "Mind Games" #2.


In my mind there is nothing but fog and confusion today
Woke up on a hardwood floor with not too much to say
I would try to get up but something is blocking my way
Don’t know what’s ahead but I know there will be hell to pay

We’re advised to take cover from forces beyond our control
They won’t tell us the details somehow we should already know
In my mind there’s a motive behind every word of advice
Pretending to be well-intentioned and nothing but lies

Have you ever been out in the sun for a little too long
Feeling alright at the same time you know something’s wrong
Day turns to night and the sunlight won’t be back till dawn
Body is wasted but your mind is still going strong

I my mind I am helping you get through your troubling times
Even though we both know I’ve got more than plenty of mine
Take my hand and I’ll pick you right up and show you around
In my mind I can conquer whatever is dragging you down

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Well ain't this a whole lot of truth. What's going on in our heads vs. what's actually going on never quite line up perfectly. Sigh. This is a good solid relatable folk song.

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Your lyrics are so packed full with insight. And the delivery and musical sensitivity is gorgeous. Love this line:
“ In my mind there’s a motive behind every word of advice
Pretending to be well-intentioned and nothing but lies”

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Nice little song you got here... In my mind, I had a good time listening to it!

Nice finger picking. I love that instrumental break. This is an excellent folk ballad. These lyrics just hit all the right places. I especially love the last verse.

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If this is partly about aging, then, yeah.

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What a great song! It straddles that line between Paul Simon & Bob Dylan for me.

Beautiful guitar work, and a lovely earnest vocal that has so much emotion in it. Those last two lines are the absolute perfect ending!