Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

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Liner Notes: 

Well,some things are definitely worth fighting for--sure
But, come on, no need to fight about *everything* !

How much sweeter would this world be if we could be a little more accepting of each other and try to see the nuances of our disagreements? Especially all you cock-sure a**holes out there!

Open tuning: DADFCD


© Mark Greenberg July 21, 2019

I heard someone say “Are you ready for a fight?
It’s the only way to settle what’s wrong and what’s right”
I said “Hold on partner, don’t get so tight
There’s a whole lot in the middle between black and white”

Between love and hate, saints and sinners
Lies and truth, losers and winners
Come on, show a little mercy, this ain’t the judgement day
Sometimes it comes down, to just a case of shades of gray

Shades of gray, what could be duller?
But next to black or white, it’s like technicolor
Open your mind, there’s a rainbow on the way
Let’s take the first step and work on just the shades of gray

Save your rants, forget your quibbles
We might be surprised if we met in the middle
Is it is or is it not?
Somewhere is the middle is a very sweet spot

Shades of gray, shades of gray
It takes light and dark to make one day
It’s not as stark as black or white
Can’t we say, it’s just a case of shades of gray.

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katpiercemusic's picture

I like the music and the bluesy rhythm. It's got good momentum. The lyrics are very current and relevant too. I've been having a lot of these conversations lately.

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Timely message. You can disagree without bringing hate into the equation. There's lots of unseen gray. "It's like technicolor" - yuppers. Nice feel to the music too.

tamsnumber4's picture

You always take a current topic and give it a relatable lyric and a melody that keeps you toe tapping...nice!

Klaus's picture

This rocks even with acoustic. I like it. The lyrics are well written. I especially like the lines about the technicolor, rainbow and what makes a day but they all are good. You really have a way to make a point without preaching or accusing. That little bongo (?) playing is also nice, adding a bit of a Tyrannosaurus Rex feel ( the hippie duo not the dinosaur ). Smile

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The guitar sounds really pretty. Dig the technicolor line and the bluesy-folky contemplative feel.

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You get a groovy vibe going on here - laid-back yet subtly urgent, too. Cool guitar sound. Excellent lyrics and rhymes. Good one, for sure!