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Liner Notes: 

Was just in a chill mood and wanted something that kinda stayed in one place, didn't move around too much...something that could just be on in the background.
Choir-ish pad came first, then kind of a syncopated rhythm that I kept building on with different kits.
Various vocal samples that I put some fx on and stretched or shortened to match my time.
And that's it.
I hope I conveyed 'mood' and 'chill'.

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im i a chill mood and this track is totally supporting it.there is not a ot going on but that is what chillin is all about. the female vocal samples keep me engaged throughout,

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sure is chilled almost had to put an overcoat on! so professionally put together. nice one mate

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Cool vocal effects. Liked the chill vibe. Thinking a chill track will be what I do next.