Blue Highway (Color Song #1)

Blue Highway (Color Song #1)

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My first "Color" song, which I hope to do a series of. Kinda Chris Isaak-ish. I like it. Bass and drums on Garageband app, acoustic guitar I borrowed from the library, and only have for 2 more weeks!


Blue Highway

I’m going down that Blue Highway
Destination unknown
Blue Highway
No place to call my own
Always heading towards the danger zone
Blue Highway
Nowhere to call my home

I’m going down that Blue Highway
Every night I cry
Blue Highway
I’m always asking why
How did I end up under this dark sky
Blue Highway
Just waiting to die

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Nice beat and kinda sultry sounding (if thats the right word)”. I like the idea of a Blue Highway.

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You can borrow guitars from the library?!
Lyrics are great and the music is just splendid-- that descending chord progression around 2/3 of the way into the verse is stellar.

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yeag,,that lead guitar sound is from isaakland, the song isnt though, more like dire straits, and the melody weaving down through the descending chords is totally your own,

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I love every note, every line, and the whole song with those chords-wow!

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Wow, the library is awesome! Yes, I hear what you mean as the Chris Isaak style. I really like your vocal on this, I like when you are tapping into that soulful side. Nice and bluesy, I feel like I'm out drinking somewhere and there is an awesome band playing.