Devour Me

Devour Me

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Liner Notes: 

If dm is the saddest of all keys, then open D is the sexiest of all keys. This is not the song I set out to write last night. Note to self: don't leave your guitar in open D. These kinds of songs are a type of therapy for me. <3

Edit: how about I also upload the demo, eh? These songs can also be quite distracting. Wink


Undress me
With more than your eyes
It’s now time
You are mine

Come inside
You’re finally home
Take your time
I am yours

I can see it in your eyes
I can hear it in your voice
Your hunger

Can you taste it in my mouth?
Can you feel it in my touch?
My desire

Devour me
Turn me inside out
Ravage me
Make me scream and shout

Deeper still
Lots to explore
Harder now
Curl my toes

Don’t hold back
Are you ready?
I can’t wait

In your arms
I am free

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This is really powerfully intimate -- I've never thought of open D as a particularly sexy key, myself, but after this song, I can tell that you do. Smile Solid write, @Adnama17!

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Emotional honesty and intimacy that comes through in the lyrics, vocal delivery, and your playing.
That takes some courage, in my opinion, so good for you.
I'll never think of open D in the same way again! Smile

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Expressive and heartfelt. I was taken in by the melody. Another thing I like about this is the restrained descriptiveness. It's not too over-the-top and yet it has a daringness to it. Great song, my friend! Very lovely, indeed.

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I dig the restrained openness of this one

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Such a powerful PC! The dynamics you bring to this song are very sensitive and just underscore all the feeling contained in the lyric, and the tantalizing way a lover can intuitively understand us at times. Beautiful lush chords to go with the lush personal details!

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Sounds great! I agree with barbara, excellent PC. I love the chords in the chorus, really matches the words and feelings.

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I'm with fuzzy, it'll be hardy to think of open D as anything other... well, for two reasons, now. The guitar sounds good. And your melody/lyric is very good. That chorus melody is killer. It's very, very good.