Sands of Time

Sands of Time

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Liner Notes: 

@coolparadiso sent me these beautiful lyrics and I was so fortunate to be able to put them to music. Very minor tweaking of the lyrics and I took out a chorus after the instrumental break. The recording a composite of two different takes and I think the crossfade sounds natural. I messed up a couple of times and because I'm doing a fair bit of falsetto, this song is a toughie to sing. I feel like I captured the feeling though and wanted to share it, warts and all Smile


All things we love will one day end
All beauty fades and dies
Hard to believe in our youth
That everything subsides

The cool and beautiful all forgotten
Gems go back to the earth
Fish and flowers now gone rotten
What is it all really worth

In time all things must pass
As the sands empty in the hour glass

Seasons change then renew
Many to pass before we are through
Then we wish back days of youth
To waste again guess thats the truth

Then its gone nothing is there
Everything left stark and bare
So use time well my friend
We cannot ever foresee the end

In time all things must pass
As the sands empty in the hour glass

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Spectacular collab guys! So impressed by the melodic and harmonic surprises and the vocals which span your entire range from the depths to airy falsetto.

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Gorgeous vocals and melodies from Nate - what a range! Bravo...I can only imagine how hard this was to sing. Great to hear your voice again - nice up-close recording. John - probably one of my favourite writes of yours. So much truth and nostalgia - it's the stuff we're all scared to discuss but need to hear. Great collab. You two should do more!

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are you irish? yor voice has that irish tenor quality in its mid to upper range. time and jeff buckey, coutry joe macdonald on hs best days....the melodies here are luxurious and uou luxuriate in them, but not in a self undulgent way.

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Absolutely beautiful song, you two. Wow. Standing ovation from me.

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What a gorgeous collaboration. You made a great team. Beautiful lyrics and music. I love the title, it already sets a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere for your song. Romantic, thoughtful, sweet. Such a pleasure to listen to your song.

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Its a pleasure to write for Nate! I call him 'the Talent' you just heard why! Brilliant delivery.

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It was a real pleasure to listen to your songs. I call you both "The Talents".

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Well, after I got out of Audiomack Hell by clicking somewhere accidentally that hijacked my computer to loud something-or-other, I was crabby. Finally got back to your song and...Oh. Em. Gee. This is possibly the best vocal I've heard so far this Challenge. (Sorry everybody else). What a terrific song--lyrics, music and...why would I ever try and sing again [sob] when there's somebody out there that can sing like this. Jeez, guy--you're fantastic!

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That voice Nate combined with John's breathtaking lyrics are absolute perfection.