My Athlete's Foot

My Athlete's Foot

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Liner Notes: 

Every summer my athlete's foot (only on my left foot) drives me crazy with the itching. I think I have it under control
until it gets really hot-and it comes back even worse. Thought I may as well write about it! Smile


My Athlete's Foot
© 2019 Cindy Prince

It itches bad
It itches deep
I scratch and scratch
And cannot sleep

It itches now
It itched then
With athletes foot
I cannot win

I keep bitching
About this itching
I know it's getting old
I keep gnashing
About my scratching
Can't help it when it takes hold

I scratch it at the table
I scratch it on the john
I scratch it when I'm able
And it goes on and on and on and on...

It itches here
It itches there
No remedies really help
So I'll just swear

Repeat chorus

Sounds (like Yosemite Sam swearing)

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very well written piece of humorous verse about a subject that is anything but funny, i wonder what the bearded poop guy would do with it,

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Oh my! I have never had this ailment and from the sounds of your song I never want it! The lyrics paint a vivid painful picture with a wonderful cadence.