Love Bug Bite

Love Bug Bite



Liner Notes: 

Did anyone order cheese?


I think about you all the time
You make my head spin like I've been drinking wine

Ain't I lucky to have someone so great
To make me smile like I'm crazy til I hardly feel my face
That must be a sign
I got a love bug bite

In the clouds I thought I saw your face
And that makes sense cause my head is always in that place

Ain't I lucky to be feelin so high
Without a single pill or a drink in sight
That must be a sign
I got a love bug bite

They say love can make you crazy
And I'd have to agree
Since my brain feels like spaghetti and I'm weak in the knees

I got it bad but that's ok
Wouldn't want to lose my mind any other way

Ain't I lucky to be feelin so good
That nothin gets me down even things that probably should
That must be a sign
I got a love bug bite

That must be a sign
I got a love bug bite

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kahlo2013's picture

Happy sweet bouncy lyrical ukeleke love song with an infectious soft cheese hook. Nice strum pattern and tender loving vocals brings out the sincerity and awww factor.

helen's picture

Ha! This is cute and, yes, very very cheesy.

billwhite51's picture

wonderful title and the song deserves it. you really capture the idiotic insanity of falling in love

Chip Withrow's picture

Charming, and so what if it's cheesy? I love the sentiment, the wide-open expression of emotion. Excellent jazz-inflected vocal. Groovy propulsive and joyful strumming, too.

PhilKMills's picture

Cute sound overall.
I especially like how you vary the phrasing section-to-section to keep it interesting.