Do it All

Do it All

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Liner Notes: 

I took some ideas from friends on what I should write about - this is an amalgamation of two or three of their ideas, with a helping heaping heft of insanity thrown in.


When presented with a choice
Do both

I gotta do it all
I gotta do it all
I gotta do it all
I gotta do it all
I gotta, do, it, all

Did you know that a tomato is a fruit
Did you know I’ve got thirteen-sized boots
And I’m walking over to the vegetable sauce manufacturer
To see what I can do

It’s false advertising, false advertising
You said there was no fruit in this sauce
So now I’m going to show you who’s the real boss
Shall I spray the sauce or shall I wear the crocs?

I think it’s both

I gotta do it all
You heard me right, I switched out my boots for crocs and then I sprayed that sauce
I gotta do it all
I always keep a pair of fashionable camouflage crocs at the ready
I gotta do it all
That’s because style is everything
I gotta do it all
I gotta, do, it, all

Did you know that there are laws about the billboards
Did you know that I’m a really kinda bookish sort
And when I saw the newest wireless ad, I thought
This is just so bad you know, its

False advertising, false advertising
The small text has a cross and the big text has a star
How come they didn’t catch it
Should I walk away or should I light a match to it

I think it’s both

I gotta do it all
Daddy, what are you doing with a can of vegetable sauce?
I gotta do it all
Son, you’re ten years old now, I think it’s time you learned some important things about the way the world works.
Number one, this is not vegetable sauce
Number two, corporate America
Three, it’s false advertising
I gotta do it all
I gotta, do, it, all
Do it all

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Hilarious! The speaking parts and the synth piano is fun! And then you harmonize. What an enjoyable song!

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A really interesting journey. Moves just as i put my finger on it! Love the synth

Huge thumbs up from me for this one. Harks back to the heyday of 80s synthpop. This starts relatively sane and than ratchets up the crazy and keeps going, and keeps going... I enjoyed every last drop of its demented glory.

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WOW interesting

had me giggling, and rocking out
really enjoyed this big smile on my face

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hahahaha. such a fun catchy 80s feel and the lyrics are off the wall, with such witty timing on the spoken asides. The character that comes off this is quite believable - one of those fussy keyboard warriors who spend hours correcting grammar and complaining on social media Biggrin

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Kinda of a mash-up of country, rock, and electronica. Really cool!

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Bizarre and tremendously fun and almost a bit funky. All wrapped up in a terrific sound, with the drums and synths and strange voices and sung bits and spoken-word bits all mixed into a deliciously tasty stew. I can't stop listening!