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Liner Notes: 

My friend Leggyboi has a washer dryer combo unit that sings a song for her every time she finishes a tub of laundry. She sent me the song, and I decided to see what I could do with it in the grain synthesizer inside Reason. A depitched version of the song is the intro piece, and then the pad that accompanies the rest of the song is also from grains from that sample.

Thus, this song was born. Lyrics ad-libbed.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Explain this 'grain synthesizer' thing for me please?
I like what you did with it.
The lyrics are very appropriate for a washer/dryer. "take a look at the change that's left" indeed.
I was just getting into it and the song was over!

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Oh shit, my washer makes the exact same noises.
I've grown to hate that little song, but you've certainly made something wonderful from it.
Super short, though; as @metalfoot said, I was just getting in to it.
Nice work, though.

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The vocals are so clear, strong, and beautiful and the beats add to the vibe. Somehow you mix the two so well, you don’t even realize you’re singing about a washing machine. - lol! (Had one of those musical washers once and it brightened my day, making up for that corporate apartment we lived in briefly.)

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I need to download this to my phone to play every time I do my laundry. It'll definitely transform that chore into something to look forward to! Terrific earnest, 80s-ish feel and sound, like the synth washer/dryer ballad we never knew we needed, but absolutely do.