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Liner Notes: 

This song is about as Bjork as I get. Tuning is CGDGCD


The night is so visceral
It keeps curling at the corners
And fraying

I send my thoughts
Far they'll go
A pale cocoon engulfs me then

And I am free to change
Out of this skin
Which keeps me tethered
To all that I know

What I believe is possible
What I take as a given
Never stays

I sit and wait
The rest will grow
I feel the warnings come and go

And it's all I have
Everything goes away in the silence
And shapes emerge out of the dark
And here I am
Believing I've changed

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I enjoyed the sparse, dreamy accompaniment. Some intriguing imagery - the fraying night, the cocooned thoughts. I read this as a story about (attempted) metamorphosis. Lovely vocals btw!

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Such a mystical sound. I like that you played the music with such a light touch.