The Best That We Know

The Best That We Know

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Liner Notes: 

Hey wow I just listened to this with headphones for the first time and noticed the guitar is only in the left ear. Whoops! I’ll try to fix that later

Guitar tuning: CGDGBD


We craved anything that mattered
And oh, we couldn't wait to leave
There were worlds beyond what we could fathom
Or so we heard
And if we could not rise to meet them
We'd build our own

Do you remember us?
We were so in love
And all that we could want
We held on

Stay awake within your wonder
Be what you're meant to be
More and more we're muddled with distractions
And forget who we were
And even though we can't go back
We carry on

I can't forget those nights
I hate to see them go
But we do our best
The best that we know how

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Nice tune, lovely guitar playing, and the wistfulness of the lyrics shines through in the song.