Accident Scene Blues

Accident Scene Blues

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Liner Notes: 


host Amanda West
prompt Accident

I was planning to continue my electronic experiments but this fell out instead.. Ya gotta go with what comes up at skirmish time.

'94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster
'78 Marshall Mk II
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Accident Scene Blues

I got held up behind an accident
No way to get loose
Held up for all that time I spent
Whatcha gonna do.
I could sit and sweat
And get upset
If that's the way I choose
I wish I hadn't quit them cigarettes
I'm ready to light my fuse.

I been held up at an accident scene
An hour lost so far
Contemplating what it all means
Burnin' up in my car
Past the glass and chrome
I'll get back home
See about it on the news
They'll show all the firemen spraying foam
On the stuck behind the accident blues.

©2019 John W Hanberry (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved

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Gotta love me some blues and this lit my fuse lol Thanks for making this great little blues ditty which I really enjoyed, being a diehard blues fan Smile
Oh and extra points for getting the reason for the accident into the song !!

cts's picture

I understand when a tune doesn't quite turn out the way you intended, but I gotta tell ya - this works mighty fine and it sounds great in the cans, too!

splittybooms's picture

You had an hour and was still able to get out some electric blues that works, develop lyrics and a melody, do the vocals, put it all together.
Great tone to your voice here, delivers the bluesy vibe.
I dig the whole "whatcha gonna do" attitude of the lyrics.

L.H.Cisco's picture

Who doesn't love the the blues!? Dig the guitar tone and the bass, dude.

sbs2018's picture

Oh yeah! Love me some Blues!! Reminds me a bit of “Smoke on the Water.” Guitar and vocals - really cool!

Aging Ophelia's picture

Oh those funky touches get me. And "contemplating what it all means" while you're in a sweat-filled, unmoving car-- feelin' it. Been there. But what a hot groove.

phoenixash's picture

Loved it, from the very beginning I had a scene in my mind that the whole scenery became a party, even the people who were in the accident just started dancing to this and then by the end every body just got free. Amazing. Your voice fills the words very nicely and with a true bluesy vibes. The guitars are amazing.