Four minutes dead

Four minutes dead

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Liner Notes: 

Live, one-take improv with the Schecter Omen VI plugged directly into the desk. Only effect is a free VST called Oril River by Denis Tihanov.

The title (and inspiration) comes from a (possibly flawed) childhood memory of a short drama on TV. A chap finds himself in an interview room with a charismatic older gentleman. He has no idea how he got there, but he remembers what he was doing immediately before he found himself there. He'd been driving, too fast, after telling his wife he would be home "in four minutes dead."

As the interview continues we gradually realise that the interviewer is St Peter, and that the interviewee has had a potentially fatal accident. The interview is to decide whether he lives or dies.

The closing words of the play were, "You'd best be on your way. You've already been four minutes dead..."

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Love the scene setting text. The piece is flowingly relaxing, yet not boring, always interesting. It's almost like it is thinking, the music itself I mean, not the player... not sure if I am making myself clear what I mean, hopefully I am Smile
Adore that long drawn out, slowly fading, note at the end... perfect to take the listener out of the trance, without a jarring jolt Smile

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This has a great texture right from the start. This has a feel of a cathedral (only a cool one, not one of those boring monotone ones) and I love the space and full body of sound using a fairly simple arrangement.

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This creates and transports me to a wonderfully vast expansive and peacefully sensual place. It is really gorgeous with the gentle interplay of layers. Love the guitars that slowly dance so delicately and beautifully.

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The backstory gives the song a darker context than you might otherwise get from the music itself. It's a pleasant instrumental!

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Beautiful and the feel fits the story well. Love the sound too, I think I need to give that plugin a go.

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Love the back story. And what a great feel, lovely, and would be lovely even without that sheen of reverb that I quite like. I keep meaning to do a song or two with lots of space. But I keep clogging them up with too much stuff. Nicely done. And 4:00!